Where are classes held? 

Master Classes (March 27-29) Friday thru Sunday are held at the Westin Hotel. Choreography Residencies (March 23-25) TBA


Are Concert Tickets included in Package Deals? 

No they are not. Concert Tickets are sold separately.

What is the Student Showcase & Cutting Contest? 

Sign Ups will begin on-site at the Festival for both the Student Showcase and the Cutting Contest. Both events are held at the Westin Hotel.  Student Showcase: Students are given the opportunity to showcase their talents. 2 min max. Everyone must bring their music either on a cell phone or mp3 player. All ages are welcome! Cutting Contest: The Cutting Contest is a battle where dancers compete and showcase their technique, skills, and musicality. The winners of each age group receive a prize. All ages are welcome! Students registered for the I TAP, I LIKE TAP, or I LOVE TAP Packages have access to both events. Students who are not registered in package deals must purchase entry tickets either on their online registration forms or at the Registration Desk on-site at the Festival. Parents are welcome to attend and will need to purchase an entry ticket as well. 

Where is the Westin Hotel? 

The Westin Hotel is located at 1400 M St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Are Parents/Guardians allowed to observe classes?

Parents/Guardians are not allowed to observe classes. However they are welcome to attend the Panel Discussion, History Class, Jam Party & Cutting Contest, and Student Showcase & Closing Ceremony by purchasing an entry ticket to each event online on their child's registration form or in person at the Festival. 

Are students in the Choreography Residencies performing in the Concert?

Yes! They will perform in the concert. Each teacher will let students know what they will wear. All students are required to purchase a ticket to the Concert. 

Unfortunately no, there are no refunds. 

Further questions regarding Registration, please email registrar@chloeandmaud.com. All other inquiries, please email dctapfest@gmail.com.


EMAIL:  dctapfest@gmail.com   |  PHONE: 202.421.0235   

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