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Title Sponsors


   Arron Afflolo


Visionary of the Arts

   Daphne Warner Luxury

   Reese Relfe

   Kim Rishi


Patron of the Arts

   Christopher Jeffrey

   Sheldon Gilbert


Benefactor of the Arts

   Yusef assim

   Open Society Foundation

   Tanya Ann Callaway


Supporter of the Arts

   Eastern Market

   Michael Pagan

   Isa Warner

   Ivory Hancock

   Terre Hall

   Rhonda Jordan

   Mr. Automotive


Friend of the Arts

   Barbara Arnold

   Tracy Berry

   Christopher Ginter

   Yanique Moore

   Rashid & Rashida Shabazz


In- Kind Donations

   Usman Abdullah, Promo      


   Nick King

   Gabrina Dixon

   Dr. Joseph E. Batiste

   Entourage Hair Gallery

   Holy Ganache, A Bite of

       Cupcake Heaven

   Ameeta Bakes, Cakes,

       Cookies, Confections

   Ben's Chili Bowl

   James Cornwell, Iva Bella


   Kim Marinetto

   Brandon Roberts 




Ameeta Bakes


Ben's Chili Bowl


Broadway Dance Center


Dance Genius


Dance Makers Inc


Dancing Fair


Daphne Warner Luxury


Discount Dance Supply


Footlights Dance and Theatre Boutique


Holy Ganache


International Dance Organization


Knock on Wood/Capitol Tap


Motor City Tap fest


Shelton's Salon and Spa


Studio Bleu


Tap Kids











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